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Reliable Rug Cleaning Services In Wantagh

Rugs are the ideal choice for homeowners who don’t wish to use wall-to-wall carpets in their home. Rugs add comfort, a classy touch, and distinction to any kind of home but this doesn’t mean they are safe from the adverse effects of constant foot traffic, stains, spills, dirt, pollen and other materials. You can call on the rug-cleaning experts, Wantagh Carpet Cleaning Pros, NY to protect and clean your rugs thoroughly. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians use state of the art cleaning equipment’s and techniques to ensure that your rugs continue to provide effective services to you, including the beautification of your home all through the year.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Thorough rug cleaning can take time if you think about a DIY project, however if you call on professionals then the entire process will end within no time. Most other companies treat rugs as cheap piece of cloth and provide services that are not noticeable. At Wantagh Carpet Cleaning Pros, we know rugs are great investments that are often irreplaceable and expensive and ensure that we take extra care to provide you with the best results at any time. When you call on us to handle your rug cleaning, here’s how we handle the entire process.

Dry Soil Removal

In the process of rug cleaning, this is the most vital process. Our professionals take their time to remove any loose soil, grit, allergens or dust mites. Once they take care of this process, you will notice how well it would improve the air quality of your home and restore the dull appearance of your rugs.

Effective Drying

Drying the rug is the most challenging part for other companies, however, you should rest assured that we utilize high quality humidity and heat controlled drying methods that help to soak away moisture and preserve the strength and longevity of the rugs.

Final Check

Once we take care of the cleaning process, to ensure that we maintain our quality standards, our team performs a final inspection or check of the rug. At this stage, if they notice any issues, they will re-clean your rugs once again.


Our team of cleaning technicians will take their time to inspect your rugs carefully for any signs of abrasions, holes, tears, pet stains, odors, or any other areas of necessary concern.

Pre-Spotting & Conditioning

To maximize the removal of stains & spots, we will pre-treat your rugs. This ensures that all stains, odors or any bad effects on the rug leave it.


With the use of special shampoo, our team takes their time to scrub your rugs gently with the use of a rotary brush. This helps to protect the natural fibers of the rug and protect them.

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